Picture of a woman zombie

Get Ready for Halloween with These Zombie Costume Ideas

Once again zombies are popular for Halloween costumes. But what makes a really good zombie costume? Below you will find good information to get you ready for Halloween or a Zombie walk or run. Off the top, here’s a few things that I think make a really good zombie costume: authentic looking, some blood, a […]

Guardians of the Galaxy Makeup Tutorial

Makeup Tutorials for Guardians of the Galaxy: Nebula, Gamora, Groot

Guardians of the Galaxy–Marvel’s latest creation takes five reluctant heroes, each with moon-sized chips on their shoulders, on a wild ride to rescue, well, everyone. I loved this movie. There’s plenty of aliens to crush over and you can choose your favorite skin tone too. Obviously, Nebula, the villainous blue assassin with jet black eyes, […]