Oprah cover with Colored Contacts

How to Get Oprah’s Eye Color: Air Optix Pure Hazel

The October issue of O Magazine, known as the Beauty Issue, has Oprah looking exotic, surrounded by orchids, wearing a glittering yellow dress, and (what…hold on…) light colored hazel eyes? It’s only one of four covers Oprah did for the magazine this month but for contact lens wearers, it’s the most interesting. At first I […]

Guardians of the Galaxy Makeup Tutorial

Makeup Tutorials for Guardians of the Galaxy: Nebula, Gamora, Groot

Guardians of the Galaxy–Marvel’s latest creation takes five reluctant heroes, each with moon-sized chips on their shoulders, on a wild ride to rescue, well, everyone. I loved this movie. There’s plenty of aliens to crush over and you can choose your favorite skin tone too. Obviously, Nebula, the villainous blue assassin with jet black eyes, […]

Picture of a woman zombie

Get Ready for Halloween with These Zombie Costume Ideas

Once again zombies are popular for Halloween costumes. But what makes a really good zombie costume? Below you will find good information to get you ready for Halloween or a Zombie walk or run. Off the top, here’s a few things that I think make a really good zombie costume: authentic looking, some blood, a […]