5 Cool Eye Color Looks for Guys

cool eye colors for guys

Guys are very much in the game when it comes to color contacts and have strong opinions on what sexy eyes should look like.

Just cruise popular contact lens forums and you’ll see that men want to experiment with new colors just like women do.

So what’s popular?

  1. Definitely at the the top of my list is the Edward Cullen look. The amber eyes of this vampire hero are the “it” color for guys as well as girls. We’ve been telling Twilight fans about Gold Vampire lenses. Another choice that’s not special effects is Freshlook Colorblends Honey.
  2. Even before the Twilight craze, any kind of vampire lens was a huge hit for guys contacting us. These lenses include the classic Vampire Red and White Out. Other lenses on their way to becoming classics are Louis and LeStat. Coastal.com offers all these lenses as non prescription (Plano) at less than $40 per lens. Very affordable. Click here to see our review Halloween special effect contacts.
  3. Guys also love the ethereal blue of Blue Angelic. A classic for clubbing. Check out a video here.
  4. What about green? I’ve recommended Expressions Colors Green before, but I’d love to see how the new Freshlook Colorblends Gemstone Green looks on a guy. Any takers? I think it’d look great.

What do you think? Tell us your favorite eye color on a guy. And if you happen to be a guy, which color lenses do you prefer?

Please note: contact lenses, even if worn for cosmetic reasons, are medical devices that should be worn under the prescription,  direction, and supervision of an eye care professional.