5 Reasons Why Color Contacts Can Feel Uncomfortable

woman inserting contact lenses

People who like to try various brands and colors of color contacts sometimes complain about burning, redness and irritation, or the lens do-nutting around the eye. They then go on to condemn the brand saying the lenses are uncomfortable to wear. In reality, the reason for discomfort may have to do a number of reasons.

1. One size of color contacts does NOT fit all

Like clear contact lenses, color contacts come in different base curves and diameters. For example, Freshlook Colorblends (Base Curve 8.6, Diameter 14.5)  is not the same lens design as Acuvue 2 Colours (Base Curve 8.7/8.3 and Diameter 14.0).  Remember Base Curve is a measurement of the curvature of the lens while Diameter is the width of the lens.

Brands also use different lens materials, lens thicknesses and lens edge designs, which may affect comfort. If your eye is more oval than round, you have an astigmatism, which requires another measurement; Sphere. If you were to try color contacts not designed for astigmatism, you may find the lens rotating or spinning in your eye. Lenses that fit too tight it can cause scratches and prevent oxygen from getting to the eye (causing reddness). Lenses that are too lose can “float” around the eye or even fall out.

Everyone’s eyes are different. This is why being properly fitted by an eye-care practitioner is essential and your first step to comfortable color contacts. It’s also the law in the U.S. You can’t get legally buy color contacts without a valid prescription.

2. You may have allergies

Dust and pollen under the lens can cause irritation in the eye. Even if you are a mild allergy sufferer, these common allergens could be causing your color contacts to “act up”. You may have to reduce how long you wear your contacts and when you where them. Freshlook ONE-DAY Daily Disposable color contacts may be another option. Your eye doctor can advise you.

3. Your color contacts are dirty or not cleaned and stored properly

Protein deposits on your lenses can cause you problems by reducing the amount of oxygen that can get to your eyes. Don’t short change your contact lens cleaning routine. Always follow your doctor recommended cleaning/storing regime. Because many people wear color contacts occasionally–not every day–their lens care may be falling short. For example, they try to wear or keep lenses much longer than the recommended replacement schedule.

4. Your eyes are sensitive to your contact lens solution

The preservatives and ingredients in your contact lens cleaning solution  may be causing eye sensitivity. Try switching to a preservative-free solution. Some preservative free solutions:

  • CibaVision Clear-Care
  • Unisol 4 Saline Solution

5. You have dry eyes

Burning, itchiness and the feeling like you’ve always got something in your eye could be a signal that your eyes are not producing enough tears to keep the surface of the eye moist or lubricated. Your eye doctor may suggest eye drops or eye vitamins to relieve the irritation. Dry eyes can be triggered by medications, air conditioning, a dry heating system, and prolonged computer usage–like staring at a screen all day!

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