6 New Favorite SFX Lenses and 1 New Look from Coastal Contacts

Coastal Contacts has new SFX contact lenses and a new look this year for Halloween.

Coastal Contacts SFX lenses are their brand of special effect lenses and in addition to all the same styles from last year, they’ve added the whole range of Zombie colors (Red, Blue, Yellow Green), and more Angelic colors, like Angelic Red, Angelic Green and Angelic Yellow. Angelic Blue has been a top five lens since I’ve been doing ColorMeContacts.

But as far as shopping for  SFX contacts goes, what’s also cool is that they’ve shown you the contact lens on both a male and female eye, plus a head shot, which is a great idea. Like this (Blue Turbo by the way, more on this lens below!):

6 SFX Lenses I Love

Violet Out – This block purple lens looks cool and I’m going to add it to my Amethyst page. Purple is a huge trending color so anyone with this lens please let me know what you think of it!

Target – A lot like Berzerker (personal favorite) but with a wider more defined red ring

Black Ice and Pointed Star – a variation on the Rock Star lens. I’d put these in the sexy category.

Blue Turbo – this could be a sleeper hit, whaddya think? I really like the blue pattern on this lens. Kind of funky. I would play this one up for parties, clubbing. Pair with any sexy costume.

Stitches –  a handpainted lens that to me has got “zombie” written all over it. Because it is hand painted, it has a big price tag (over $100 per lens).

If you’re thinking of buying SFX lenses this, year visit Halloween Contact Lenses on ColorMeContacts.com.

Leave a comment and let me know your favorites!