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Why, hello! Thanks for stopping by. ColorMeContacts.com isn’t like other contact lens websites that only offer great deals on amazing eyewear products. While it’s true that we provide up-to-date links to online companies offering the deals on colored contacts (like coupon codes and rebate information), the assistance doesn’t stop there. We also have the latest news about everything from new lenses to discontinued ones. Our goal is to provide you with the best information about your new lenses and helping you have fun, too.

Let Us Help You Choose Your Best Color

One of the ways that we help you enjoy your contact lens experience is by providing guides to assist you in choosing a color. Unlike other sites that just show a list of what’s available, we explain the difference between the types of lenses. Because we know not every lens is perfect for everyone’s eye – especially when we’re talking about colored contacts – our helpful guides assist you in picking out what hues work best with light or dark eye colors.

Wearing colored contacts is fun, and because we believe in fun we also provide links to contact styles inspired by popular entertainment media. At ColorMeContacts.com we not only offer information about traditional eye colors, but also trendy new special effect Halloween contacts like pink and cat eye. Whether you’re looking for new lenses for an upcoming costume party or because you’d like to imitate the look of your favorite celebrity, we can help you find just the right product.

How About All the Best Movie Looks

Do you want to copy the smoldering look for Twilight’s Edward Cullen or Bella Swan’s innocent gaze? Perhaps you’d like to attend class with the brainless stare of a Walking Dead zombie. Curious about which colored contacts Britney Spears uses to turn her naturally brown eyes green? Or maybe you prefer the natural-looking gray tones that Lady Gaga used for her eyes in her “Bad Romance” video. We have suggestions for all that, and so much more!

At ColorMeContacts.com, we understand that wearing different colored contact lenses can be a fun way to change your entire look without overstepping the boundaries of your budget, our primary goal is to promote eye safety. Because a prescription is mandatory for colored contacts in the United States, even if you find a retailer outside the United States willing to provide products without an exam for colored contacts that are purely cosmetic it’s still a good idea to see your eye care professional to ensure proper fitting.

Do We Sell Contact Lenses?

Actually, no! We don’t sell contact lenses directly. We are an information site, but we do have regular links and affiliate links to some great online partners who can sell you the lenses you need and ship them to you (in many cases for free).

Affiliate links allow us to make a small commission if you purchase lenses from any of our partners. We use the money to towards creating more great content.

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