Are Twilight Contact Lenses Dead…Er…Undead?

Amber colored eyes that look like Twilight vampires

Why another post on Twilight contact lenses? Well, the final installment in the Twilight saga is coming this November in the form of Breaking Dawn, Part 1. (This splitting up of a finale a la Harry Potter is becoming a bit tedious by the way, but I digress…) And I expect that golden eyes will once again be a hot look for Halloween.

Golden contact lenses like Edward Cullen from Twilight
When Twilight debuted in 2008, a storm over hot looking vampires blew in from Hollywood. The veggie vamps, as I like to called them, have golden amber eyes. The blood red of Dracula and company are old school. Even the blue-eyed Underworld vampires had to make way for the Cullens.

And now three years later, the Edward Cullen-Alice Cullen vampire esthetic is still going strong, even though Volturi (classic red) is now part of the Twlight family.

People who visit still ask about lenses that will give themĀ  amber eyes and we always point them to these ones:

Gold Vampire lenses look like Twilight
Gold Vampire
Around $60/pair

There are other choices though, like 1) Freshlook Colorblends Honey, 2) Acuvue 2 Colors Warm Honey, and 3) Turtle Contacts Triple Color Hazel. Prices vary from around $33 for a box of six to $40 a pair.

1) Freshlook Colorblends Honey 2) Acuvue Colors Warmm Honey 3) Triple Color Hazel contact lenses

More info on these and other amber/honey colored lenses

Amber eyes aren’t just for Twi-hards though. I see any color that appears to “lighten” dark eyes as being very Bollywood as well.

So “no” I don’t think Twilight contact lenses are dead, just way more commercial, appealing to the mainstream undead.

If you’re thinking about trying honey, amber or topaz colored lenses, please be sure to see your eye doctor and get a prescription and contact lenses fitting. Even if you don’t need contacts for vision correction, a prescription ensures you will get lenses that fit correctly.

What do you think about the impact of Twilight on how vampire looks are achieved? Do you like the amber-eyed look?