Guide to Blue Contacts

guide to blue contactsWhether your goal is to look at the world through angelic baby blue eyes or you prefer something darker for a sultry, mysterious gaze, our guide to wearing blue contacts is sure to point you in the right direction.

There’s a blue for every mood!

In fact, if you have dark brown eyes, you can have Paris Hilton’s baby blues with opaque lenses. If you have light blue or green eyes, you can give your your color a boost with enhancer lenses.

Top 4 Blue Contacts

Blue is by far and away the most popular contact lens color and these three lenses get the most votes. Here are our recommendations for the top four blue contacts for dark eyes: Deep Blue is the most popular Acuvue color, Triple Color by Aloha Contacts are the most intense, and Freshlook Colorblends blue is considered classic blue contacts.

blue contact lenses
Popular blues: Acuvue Deep Blue, Freshlook Colorblends Blue, Triple Color Blue, Splash Aquatic Allure




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Freshlook Colorblends

With good reason, Freshlook ColorBlends are ranked higher than any other two-week, disposable colored contact lens currently available. The brand offers four shades of blue contacts. True Sapphire is reminiscent of the gemstone for which it is named and the color is a bright shade of royal blue. Turquoise appears more teal or aqua than true blue, but when worn over blue, green, or hazel eyes the effect is breathtaking. Blue is the original, classic color in the Colorblends line and the way to go if you want an everyday blue-eyed appearance. But if you want dynamic color that has a dramatic effect, then Brilliant Blue in the Vibrant Views line is your best choice.

freshlook colorblends blue contacts
All the Colorblends blue contacts: Brilliant Blue, Blue, Turquoise, and Deep Sapphire

Cosmetic Colored Lenses (Plano or No Vision Correction)

Aloha Contacts offers non-prescription colored contacts for those looking for a purely cosmetic change. Their brand of vial lenses is available in two shades of blue and is especially well-received. Now, the term “non-prescription” doesn’t mean you won’t need a prescription for them. It just means that the contacts offer absolutely nothing in the way of vision correction.

Triple Color Blue has the same combination of sweet and sexy that you’ll find when you gaze into a pair of naturally blue peepers. The Triple Blue contacts use multiple shades of blue on the same lens to achieve the depth of looking into a person’s eye if they weren’t wearing contacts. The benefit is these colors will dramatically enhance the natural features of your eyes.

If you’re looking for a more subtle look, try Dual Blue. And if you’re trying to mimic Paris Hilton’s sultry blue eyes, you’ll want to check out the Triple Color Blue lenses.

See our Guide to Non-Prescription Contacts for info.

non-prescription blue contacts
Non-prescription blues: Triple Color and Dual Color Blue

Acuvue 2 Colors

Whether you’ve had success with using Acuvue 2 brand contact lenses or not, you’ll enjoy the comfortable fit of Acuvue 2 Colors. For light eyes, enhance natural color with Acuvue 2 Colors Enhances in Ocean Blue and Aquamarine. For dark eyes Acuvue 2 Colors Opaques offers Sapphire and Deep Blue opaque lenses which are perfect for darker eyes, like deep brown.

acuvue blue colored contacts
All the Acuvue blues: Deep Blue, Sapphire, Ocean Blue, Aquamarine

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Focus Softcolors

This brand was formerly known as NewVues. Now doing business as Focus Softcolors by Alcon (the same company that brings you Freshlook Colorblends) retain the same lens profile as the Focus 1-2 Week clear lenses. If you depend on Focus clear contacts to correct a vision impairment, then you can use your same prescription to alter the appearance of naturally light-colored eyes. They offer two fun shades of blue as well as an alluring shade of green.

focus softcolors blue contacts
Focus Softcolors in Royal Blue and Aqua (for light eyes)

Expressions Colors

Manufactured by CooperVision Expressions, the Expressions Colors line rates high against other 2-week brands of color contacts. In addition to two shades of blue contacts they also come in eight more hues, all available with the same prescription from your eye care professional.

Coopervision Expressions blue contact lenses
Coopervision Expressions in Blue and Blue Topaz

Tips for Choosing the Right Blue for You

Choosing the right shade of blue contacts is more of a challenge than most people think. While those with light-colored eyes can take their pick of new eye color, those of us with dark eyes, like deep brown, have to use opaque lenses for a complete color change. Here are some other tips.

  • If you’re looking for blue contacts that look natural against your normal skin tone, check out Freshlook Colorblends and Acuvue 2 Colors Opaques, both available from AC Lens.
  • For a dramatic, vivid blue that is sure to sparkle, choose any shade of Aloha Contacts or any shade of Splash of Color from
  • Those with naturally light eyes have the option of wearing both opaque and enhancer lenses like Freshlook Dimensions and Focus Softcolors, also from AC Lens.

If you’re worried about the cost of blue contacts, then stop. Frequent benefits such as online contact lens coupons, discounts, free shipping, and sale items mean you’ll rarely ever have to pay full price for a pair of contacts, regardless of whether you need them for vision correction or cosmetic reasons.

Exotic Blue Colored Contact Trends

Sometimes you want a blue that really gets people’s attention. Crazy contacts, or special effect Halloween contacts are designed to do just that. Playing off movie characters, cosplay, and celebrities, there are a few blue special effect lenses worth mentioning.

A couple of these worth special mention are Blue Angelic and LeStat. These two blue contact lenses are hot sellers year after year for Halloween. They come in prescription and Plano powers.

Halloween lenses can last up to 12 months once the vials have been opened as long as they are stored properly. Lenses can be re-worn within the year but during the day, the maximum suggested wear time is 6-8 hours.

Check out our Guide to Halloween Lenses for more reviews of crazy exotic lenses.

halloween blue contacts
Special effect blue contacts: Blue Angelic, Blue Turbo, LeStat, Underworld

How to Obtain a Prescription for Blue Contacts

Only a licensed eye care professional can write you a prescription for blue contacts. You’ll need a prescription even if your contacts are purely cosmetic. This is because in the United States, the Federal Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act requires consumers have a prescription before purchasing new lenses. Not only is the prescription mandatory from the federal government, it’s also a safety regulation as wearing ill-fitting contacts can cause permanent eye damage if left untreated.

Where to Buy Colored Contacts

There are lots of places to buy contacts online, but we recommend AC Lens for all the major brands. You can easily find the lenses you’re looking for, and read reviews from customers on what they thought worked and what didn’t. Their customer service and best price policy are also great incentives. Head on over and to see for yourself.

Let Us Know What you Think!

Do you have a favorite blue lens or the perfect makeup look that really makes your eyes pop? We’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment and tell us about it. We always respond so let us know what you think.

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  1. Martin says

    Love your underworld contacts , is there a chance of a free sample , i have brown eyes and don,t where glasses but have always wanted blue eyes and love the movies . Thank you for your time

  2. Zoe says

    I have dark hazel eyes and I’m looking for baby blue cosmetic color lenses. Like Ashley Benson’s. what would people recommend as a cheap but well rated brand? I can afford like 20 to 30 bucks.

  3. Carolyn says

    So the cosmetic color contacts do not come in prescription if I want to buy them with prescription? I do have a doctors note for the prescription and color contacts.

  4. says

    I absolutely love the Angelic, there definitely breathtaking. I see there’s been absolutely (NO -RESPONSE) to all these questions I personally have perfect vision in both eyes can We order these Beautiful Contacts if your eyes are good, Basically just order them for fun wear? I can’t get a prescription if your eyes are in excellent condition. I would definitely order your Angelic colored lenses, My question is can (WE) Myself order these gorgeous Breathtaking Contact Lenses Without a (PRESCRIPTION) .or Not, it’s a Simple “YES-Or-NO question……

    • Peter says

      If you live in the US you need a prescription to order colored contact lenses. Even if you have perfect vision. If you live in Canada you do not need a prescription to order contacts. But I recommend you get your eyes checked by an optometrist to make sure it is okay to wear contacts.

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