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contact lens solution case

Just when you think there’s nothing more to say about contact lens cases and lens solution (I mean how boring, right?),  we find something kind of cool. The nice folks at AC Lens let me know about these contact lens accessories that are a lens case and lens solution container all in one. They come in two sizes, large and mini. The mini size is airline friendly so you can pop this in your carry on with no worries.

Large Contact Solution Contact Lens Case

orange contact lens solution case

Frankly, I think they should come with a catchier name, but at least it describes exactly what it is, a contact lens case and contact solution container all in one.

The lens case stores up to three weeks of your favorite brand solution inside the case and has two built in contact lens compartments. When you need to refresh the solution in the case (like after cleaning), just press the button between the L and R lens caps and the right amount of solution dispenses into each compartment.

Cost: $11.95

contact lens solution case

More features:

  • Comes in four snappy colors
  • Specially designed solution cap rinses and cleans lenses.
  • Built in mirror
  • Leak free, durable construction protects your lenses
  • Fixed R and L caps ensure you never mix lenses

Mini Contact Lens Solution Case – Airline Friendly!

Basically a smaller version of the one above. Carries 1.15 oz of solution. This lens case is TSA approved for airline travel in the United Stated and abroad.

Cost: $10.95

mini contact lens solution caseblue mini contact solution case

If you’re interested, you can get 10% off either of these lens solution cases until the end of February.

Give them a try and let me know what you think!

Limited Time Offer! Save 10% off when you order a Contact Solution Case. Use code SOLUTIONCASE at checkout. Expires 2/29/2012.


  1. colored eye contacts says

    Boy who would have thought. This site is excellent. My caps never stay closed for the storage of my contacts. I would definitely invest in this soltion/storage container. What a breakthrough.