Guide to Non-Prescription Colored Contacts

non prescription colored contacts

If you’re thinking about getting colored contacts for cosmetic purposes, then you’ve come to the right place. Non-prescription color contacts by Aloha Contacts are a great option for those who want and eye color change but don’t require vision correction.

Triple and Dual Color Contact Lenses

Aloha Contacts are different because they offer a wide range of options for non-prescription colored contacts. What they’re known for, however, are their Triple Color and Dual Color lenses. Triple Color  non-prescription color contacts have a dark outer ring that highlights the eye, a vibrant color for the iris, and a slightly lighter color around the pupil. Dual Color lenses are the same design minus the third, lighter color in the inner eye. Both lenses are designed to be vibrant yet  natural looking. Choose these lenses if you love being the center of attention.

Note: the most popular color is Triple Color Blue, followed by Triple Color Gray!

non prescription colored contacts

However, your new eye color can only do so much on its own. For best results use eye makeup and fashion accessories that flatter your hair color and skin tone as well as your new non-prescription color contacts. Remember to always put your contacts in first, and then put on your eye makeup.

A Warning about Non-Prescription Lenses

While the term non-prescription is widely used, it is somewhat misleading. Aloha uses the term non-prescription to mean cosmetic lens, or color contacts that change your natural eye color without altering the way you see the world at large. Another term for these lenses is Plano, which is equal to “0.00 power”. People also refer to these type of lenses as cosmetic or fashion lenses.

Because Aloha is not a company based in the United States, they are not bound by American laws that require a prescription for lenses. However, a prescription is still required for consumers in the United States and widely recommended because the best way to be fitted properly is through an examination by an eye care professional. Wearing ill-fitting contacts, even non-prescription color contacts, can cause infections, damage the cornea, or other serious vision problems.

How do I care for Aloha contacts?

Aloha contacts are good for about 90 days from when they are first taken out of their original packaging. Because they have no effect on vision, you can wear them with your regular glasses or even sunglasses.

Prior to opening the packaging that contains your new non-prescription colored contacts from Aloha, the lenses are sterile. Always wash and dry your hands before handling your contacts. Even if your hands look clean, natural oils in your skin could encourage infection-causing bacteria. Here are the steps for inserting your lenses.

  • Look for tears or other damage to the non-prescription colored contacts before opening them by looking at them through the bottom of the blister package. If you do see a problem, don’t open them but instead email Aloha’s customer support team.
  • Shake the case gently. This lubricates the contact which helps you insert it easier. Then, while the case is on a flat surface, open it while looking to make sure that the contact is not stuck to the foil lid. Because they come in a sterile solution, there’s no reason to wait before wearing them!
  • Take the contact from the packaging with your fingertip. Don’t let our fingernail touch the lens because that’s one of the primary ways that tears happen!
  • While the contact is still on your index finger, use the fingers on your other hand to pull your eyelid down and insert the contact. Blink a few times to help the lens center itself on your eye.

When it’s time to remove your non-prescription color contacts, again wash and dry your hands first. After removing the lens, put it in the case with fresh solution immediately to avoid tearing or getting the lens dirty. You need to keep your contacts clean with saline solution because keeping your contacts clean is the number one way for contact lens wearers to promote good eye health.

How much to Aloha contacts cost compared to other lenses like Freshlook?

Aloha colored contact lenses are very affordable compared to other disposable contact lens manufacturers. In addition to free shipping on domestic orders over a certain value, the company often offers coupons, special deals, and other discounts. Another thing they offer from time to time is a free contact lens case where you can safely store your lenses between different times of wearing them.


The most important difference to take into account when comparing Aloha Contacts to other brands, is that they are sold in sets of two lenses. The lenses can be worn up to three months. Freshlook Colorblends, on the other hand are sold in sets of 3 lenses (6 lenses per box) and are two-week lenses.

Freshlook Colorblends $34/box (6 lenses per box) two-week disposable
Aloha Non-Prescription Contacts $40/set of two lenses three-month disposable

What others are saying?

People who’ve worn Aloha’s non-prescription color contacts praise the product. The opaque colors cover even the darkest natural eye colors. One wearer said she loves all the compliments she gets when wearing her new triple hazel colored lenses. In fact, a contrasting colored lens – like gray, blue, or green – tends to look pretty fabulous over dark eyes.

Another user says her friends are completely jealous over all the attention she gets over them when they go out in a group. Because Aloha non-prescription colored contacts are so affordable, she could get several pair allowing her to match her eye color to her daily fashion choices!

How do I get a prescription?

Obtaining a prescription for non-prescription color contacts requires a trip to your local optometrist or ophthalmologist. Although Aloha Contacts are not required to verify the buyer’s prescription, contact lenses are still medical devices. Wearing them outside the direction and supervision of an eye care professional could cause serious issues from mild infections to scratched corneas and in some case, complete blindness.

Because prescriptions are written for the brand of contact lens you plan to wear, be sure and tell your eye care physician that you plan to wear Aloha non-prescription color contacts. You can even write down or print a copy of the lens specs for your doctor.

Lens Specs

  •  Base Curve 8.6
  • Diameter 14.2
  • Lens material 2-HEMA, 42% water
  • 1 lens/vial
  • 3 month replacement
  • 0.00 only (Nano), No vision correction

Where do I buy Non-Prescription  Color Contacts?

Visit the website at Aloha Contacts to buy their non-prescription colored contacts, read testimonials, and see samples of how the contacts look against certain eye colors. Keep in mind that how your contacts will look on you will be based on the unique color of your eyes and skin tone.

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    I am wanting to buy aloha non prescription 2 lenses in dual color violet please.. Can i do that through you please and postage to Australia. Thank you for your service.

    • PeterT says

      Hi Pauline,

      Sorry, but we do not sell Aloha contact lenses directly and you will need to go to their site.

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