Guide to Halloween Contact Lenses

Guide to Halloween Contact Lenses

Welcome to our web-famous guide to those crazy, special effect Halloween contacts. We love ’em because every year there are more great styles and more great looks to try.

To pick the best each season, we take our cue from the biggest box office movies of the year and see what juicy, sultry, scary characters are out there on the big screen. And even if no custom lens has been created to replicate a look, we have fun pulling together the pieces from the list of stock machine-made lenses and great costume sites.

But before you go any further, here’s a few important points:

  • All the lenses listed on this page are FDA approved.
  • All lenses come in Plano (zero power or no correction).
  • Some lenses come in prescription powers.

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First Things First…the Most Popular

These Halloween contact lenses are consistent best sellers year after year. The reason is versatility. They look great for a variety of different costumes, from vampire to sexy.

Golden twilight contact lenses

  • Golden Twilight: Ideal vampire contacts for the amber eyes of Edward and Alice Cullen from the Twilight movies. These are the perfect Twilight Contact Lenses!

Vampire Contacts

Thanks to Edward Cullen, Selene, and of course, Dracula, vampire contacts will never go out of style.

Vampire contact lenses

  • New Moon and Vampire Red: From Dracula to the Volturi, the undisputed classic red contact lens
  • LeStat: Tom Cruise Vampire blue from Interview with the Vampire
  • Louis: Brad Pitt’s character in Interview with the Vampire. Also works for Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter
  • Berzerker: Our personal favorite and a best seller last season. Kind of like a bloodshot White Out (now that’s zombie style).
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Sexy Contacts

What if you’re not into gory, flesh-eating or psychotic looks for Halloween? what if you want to look, well, nice, with a little bit of clubby Halloween-ness thrown in? Any of these sexy lenses will do the trick.

Sexy and fun contact lenses

  • Blue Angelic: Always a best seller because it’s a beautiful color–a blue jagged ring makes this lens special.
  • Impressions Violet: A surprising hit last year. If you love anime, you’ll love this lens
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Zombie Contacts

The Living Dead have seen a remarkable comeback in recent years.  They’re popping up all over in movies like Sean of the Dead (personal favorite) and in zombie walks and pub crawls coast to coast. What is it about staggering down the street with blood dripping out your mouth and flesh peeling off your face. Sounds like a good time! Cap off your look with any of the zombie lenses below and you’ll be set.

Scary Contact Lenses

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Get the FAQs on SFX Brand Halloween Contacts

All the Halloween contacts on this page are from AC Lens.

Are SFX Lenses Safe?

All of the Halloween Lenses from AC Lens are FDA approved theatrical grade lenses. Like all other types of contacts, you must follow the instructions from your eye care practitioner for the safe wear, cleaning and storage of these lenses

Do I need a prescription?

Yes, you need a prescription to order these lenses in the U.S. from AC Lens. Scroll down to read about how to get a prescription for Halloween contacts.

How many times can I wear them?

Halloween lenses can last up to 12 months once the vials have been opened as long as they are stored properly. Lenses can be re-worn within the year but during the day, the maximum suggested wear time is 6-8 hours.

Can I sleep or drive with these lenses in?

No. You should never sleep with Halloween Lenses in. Always remove and store them correctly. Driving is also not recommended.

Do Halloween contacts come in toric or + powers?

No, these lenses unfortunately don’t come in toric powers or + powers, only the most common prescriptions.

How do I care for Halloween contacts?

Caring for Halloween Lenses or any special effect lens is the same as for regular contacts. They require the same care and attention. You will need a lens case and multi-purpose solution and must follow the instructions of your eye care professional. If you forgot to clean your lenses the last time you wore them, or you have any concern, do not wear them.

How to Get a Prescription for Halloween Colored Contacts

In the United States, a prescription is required for colored contact lenses AND special effect lenses under the Federal Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act. Even for colored contacts with no vision correction, you must have a prescription in the U.S.

If you are from Canada or elsewhere, you may not be subject to the same consumer laws. However, we strongly suggest that you be fitted for color contacts by an eye care practitioner.

Where to Buy Halloween Contacts

We recommend Halloween lenses from AC Lens. And if you don’t feel like thrifting your costume, check out We’ve been a partner with for years and they have a great selection of vampire fangs and other necessities.

Note: Contact lenses and Halloween lenses are considered medical devices and should be worn under the supervision and care of an eye care practitioner. Do not share contact lenses, or Halloween lenses with friends or family. Always clean and store your lenses correctly, following your eye care practitioner’s instructions, using clean hands, multipurpose solution, and lens cases.

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    • PeterT says

      Hi Lady Bug,
      If you take proper care of your lenses they will last longer. Here’s a few tips on contact lens care from the FDA:
      – Follow recommended wearing schedule.
      – Do not substitute sterile saline solutions for multi-purpose solutions.
      – Rub and rinse your contact lenses as directed by your eye care professional.
      – Do not “top-off” the solutions in your case. Always discard all of the leftover contact lens solution after each use. Never reuse any lens solution.
      For more tips check and information on proper care of contact lenses, check out their full site: FDA Contact Lenses

  1. Melissa Smith says

    Hey, this is probably a stupid question, but I was just wondering if somebody could tell me if they sell solid white contacts with clovers on them? Thanks very much.

    • Peter says

      Hi Melissa,
      I’ve seen solid white lenses before and they are usually called white out lenses. I’ve also seen green clover lenses, but I’ve never seen a white lens with clovers.

  2. chantala diaz says

    I was told my prescription is -6.5 but that option is not on here when pkacibg your order it only goes to -6.00 …is that considered the same stregnth?

    • ColorGirl says

      Unfortunately no, that’s not the same strength. Not all lens manufacturers provide the same prescription strengths.

  3. CosplayGal says

    Could I be able to wear contact lenses without a prescription but only for 1-3 days? Im going to a Con and I need the Yellow but I dont got any prescription for it. the Con is about 3 days but were not sure how long were going to stay. Do you think if I only wear them for that amount of days it wouldn’t do anything? Or does it depend on how long im staying?

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