Cute Contact Lens Cases & Travel Accessories for Holiday Adventures

Cute Travel Accessories from Modcloth

I couldn’t resist! How cute is that Owl Contact Lens Case from ModCloth! has so many great gifties that don’t cost a fortune. Here we put together some sweet travel accessories for a holiday getaway.

Owl Contact Lens Case

The cute contact lens case has screw-off eyes for your contacts and solution. Inside the case is stamped with left and right so you’ll always keep your lenses straight. This little guy also comes in blue, pink and green! Don’t forget you should swap out your contact lens cases for fresh ones every three months, so get one of each for all your favorite holiday colored contacts.

Looking  Up Travel Case

Up, up and away! The cosmetics bag is made from coated canvas, and features a fleet of colorful hot air balloons adrift in a sea of fluffy clouds. Inside,¬† you’ll find a lined interior with handy pockets. I like the fact that the material is coated, which protects from damp counter tops but you still get the wonderful texture of cotton. It’s also 12-inches long–a good size–which means you can carry plenty of essentials all in one place.

Floral Thermos

You can’t have too many of these! A travel mug in a colorful pattern puts you in the mood for adventure minus the waste of paper cups from your daily latte. If you don’t like the floral inspired design, check out ModCloth for more mugs.

Traveling Translator Tote

I saved the best for last. I had to get this trek-inspired, faux leather tote in here somehow. It’s one of those pieces I keep coming back to look at because of all the great details! Both sides are decorated with topographic maps and striped air mail piping. I love the letter-shaped, exterior pocket. It’s got a stitched birdie patch and the embroidered text, “Something for the Weekend.” Inside has sky blue lining and extra pockets. Plenty of space for a weekend getaway. The chestnut handles sling easily over the arm or over the shoulder. Want it!

Which ModCloth travel accessories did we miss? There are so many, I had to choose, but let us know your picks!