From Scary to Sexy in this Vampire Contact Lenses Review

wearing blue angelic vampire contact lenses

If vamping out is your thing, vampire contact lenses should be on your list for the ultimate costume. Okay, vampires are like standard Halloween fare–everybody’s dressed as a vampire at least once in their life. So what can you do for something different?

Turn an ordinary vampire costume into a sexy one by changing the color of your contacts. Angelic Blue and Gold Vampire are two of my favorites. Angelic Blue is an electric color, makes your eyes really pop, but won’t give you that sweaty bloodthristy look. Gold Vampire is for all the Twilight vampire wanna-be’s out there–the Edward Cullen and Alice Cullen look-alikes. Gold Vampire is the Twilight contact lens!

blue angelic contact lenses for halloween  Twilight gold vampire contact lenses

Here’s what fantasy writer Sandra Wickham did to promote her book launch:

My first short story publication was in a Vampire anthology and for the launch of the anthology I wanted to dress up as a vampire. Since it was a literary event, I didn’t want to go too over the top scary, so I decided on the Angelic blue contacts. I’d never worn contacts in my life and I was a bit scared of trying them, but they were easy to put in and take out.

I also wanted smaller fangs, so I would be able to speak to people at the book launch and signing. I chose the small deluxe Scarecrow fangs, with the blood tips to make them stand out a bit more. They were so easy to fit, sat naturally on my teeth and they didn’t affect my speech at all.

Both the lenses and the fangs were a big hit at the event, and the best part is that I’ve been able to reuse the lenses and the fangs over and over again for two years worth of events and parties! I highly recommend both the small deluxe fangs and the Angelic blue contacts!

~ Sandra Wickham

Sandra Wickham signing Evolve wearing blue vampire contact lenses

Oh,  and talking about fangs, Sandra wears the small Scarecrow fangs. They’re not that expensive and easy to put in. Check em out here!

scarecrow vampire fangs

 For fans of vampire fiction

Sandra has stories in both Evolve and Evolve 2. Catch her at her website and blog here!

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