Guide to Green Contacts

guide to green contact lenses

While green is the least common eye color to occur naturally among humans, and what most people don’t realize is that green eyes aren’t truly green. Green eyes occur when amber or brown pigmentation combines with a blue tone scattering reflected light. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have been born with green eyes, then you can fix that with green contacts.

Top 4 Green Colored Contacts

This quartet of green contacts is currently the most popular across all available brands. In addition to offering a dramatic change to your natural eye color, they offer a comfortable fit and affordable price as well.

popular green contact lenses
Most popular greens: Freshlook Colorblends Gemstone Green, Triple Color Green, Freshlook Colorblends Green


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Green Contacts for Dark Eyes

In addition to the green lenses above, you have even more options especially if you have dark eyes. Those with dark eyes trying to go green will likely require opaque contact lenses. However, several contact lens companies offer solutions for brown-eyed beauties and others with dark colored eyes trying to achieve any shade of green, from jungle jade to enchanting emerald. Here are some of the green contacts that are most popular with those who have naturally dark colored eyes.

green contacts for dark eyes
For dark eyes: Acuvue Jade Green, Freshlook Colors Green, Dual Color Green
  • Acuvue 2 Colors Jade Green – If you enjoy the comfort of Acuvue 2 clear lenses and long for green eyes, then this is a good choice. Unlike other brands that put their color material atop the lens, Acuvue embeds the color into the lens material to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Dual Tone Green – Aloha Contacts are Plano lenses, meaning that they have no bearing on vision correction. Many people who look for contacts simply to change the color of their eyes find success with Dual Tone Green from Aloha. It’s recommended (and required by law for Americans) that you still get a prescription to ensure proper fit and prevent eye injury.
  • Freshlook Colors Green – If three shades of green is more dramatic a look than you anticipated in your new green contacts, try the Freshlook Colors. Unlike the other two types listed here that use a triple layer of color, it makes use of a single shade of green.

Green Contacts for Light Eyes

While those with light eyes are fully able to wear any of the green contacts recommended for wearers with naturally dark eyes, they also have the benefit of wearing color contact lenses for light eyes that enhance their natural eye color as well. Here are some green contacts recommended for wearers who have naturally light eye color.

green contacts for light eyes
For light eyes: Acuvue Emerald Green, Freshlook Colorblends Sea Green, Focus Softcolors Evergreen
  • Acuvue 2 Enhancers Emerald Green – Like the Acuvue 2 Opaques for Dark Eyes, these green contacts for light eyes offer a comfortable fit. If you’re curious about how they would look on your eyes, head over to the Acuvue iMakover which features a virtual mirror for trying on different colors.
  • Freshlook Dimensions Sea Green –These disposable green lenses have a transparent color that enhances the natural color of your eyes. Wear them with or without vision correction, but as with all contact lenses expect to get a prescription either way. The Dimensions line offers depth and dimension for a subtle effect.
  • Focus SoftColors Evergreen – These green contacts are easy to use and comfortable to wear. Designed for daily to extended wear, even people who knew you before wearing these will have trouble telling whether or not Evergreen is your actual eye color.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Green

If the regular color of your eyes is ordinarily light, then you have the option of choosing green contacts to enhance the natural beauty of the eye color you were born with or you can select opaque lenses that offer a more dramatic, all-encompassing change.

Opaque lenses are the perfect option for those born with naturally dark-colored eyes. Green contacts from an opaque line offer a complete change in eye color. However, color enhancing lenses are often lost against the backdrop of dark eyes, like puppy brown.

Achieve the best results when you pair the distinct color of your new green contacts to your skin complexion. For instance, someone with dark skin might choose a mossy green while someone with pale skin might choose something brighter like envy or jade.

And finally, you should never have to pay retail value for green contacts. There are so many online coupons, discounts, and offers for free shipping that the money you save is worth doing your homework regarding the price of green contacts. Some companies even toss extra accessories like durable contact lens storage containers made from hard plastic into the deal.

How to Get a Prescription for Green Colored Contacts

The only way to get a prescription for your new green contacts is by visiting a licensed eye care professional. Americans must abide by the Federal Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act, which requires consumers to obtain a prescription which is mandatory for purchasing contact lenses within the United States.

Because the Food and Drug Administration consider contacts to be a medical device – even cosmetic ones with a power of 0.00 and have no effect on vision impairment – without a prescription you have little hope of obtaining green contacts or any other color. While there are some companies who will sell without a prescription, this is dangerous because ill-fitting contacts could cause serious damage to the eye from an infection or scratched cornea to permanent blindness.

Where to Buy Green Contacts

There are lots of places to buy contacts online, but we recommend AC Lens for all the major brands. You can easily find the lenses you’re looking for, and read reviews from customers on what they thought worked and what didn’t. Their customer service and best price policy are also great incentives. Head on over and to see for yourself.

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