Guide to Gray Contacts

guide to gray contact lenses

Unlike other colors that are more suited for a certain skin tone or enhanced by a particular hair color, gray eyes work on the most number of people no matter how diverse their natural features. Whether you prefer a wisp of smoky gray to enhance your naturally blue or green eyes or prefer an opaque lens to capture the mysterious, exotic eye color that matches what Lady Gaga wore in her Bad Romance video, there’s a shade of gray contacts waiting for you – even if you don’t require vision correction.

Top 3 Gray Contact Lenses

Out of all the contact lenses on the market, these three are the hottest right now. Whether you’re looking for natural enhancement or an opaque lens that offers the same dimension and exotic color as your natural eye, you’ll be amazed at how dynamic these gray contacts make your eyes look, not to mention how comfortable they are to wear.

guide to gray contact lenses
Top gray lenses: Freshlook Colorblends Gray, Triple Color Gray, Freshlook Colorblends Sterling Gray


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  • Freshlook Colorblends Gray – A natural look that isn’t too bright, the Colorblends Gray contacts are a great choice. It transitions well between a day at the office and a night on the town.
  • Freshlook Colorblends Sterling Gray – If the standard gray color of Freshlook Colorblends is too dark for your liking, try out the Sterling Gray contacts. These contact lenses are a steel shade of gray with blue undertones and are a great way to add color to your eyes without having to pile on a lot of cosmetics.
  • Triple Color Gray – Sold by Aloha Contacts, this particular shade of gray contacts enhances your inner strength and beauty by displaying the colors that represent those qualities in your eyes. Whether you want to stand out from the crowd at school or work or are trying to captivate the object of your heart’s desire, the Triple Gray makes a great choice.

Gray Contacts for Dark and Light Eyes

Besides the popular shades above, here are a few more to try. You’ll enjoy wearing these gray contacts regardless of your natural eye color, whether your goal is to obtain a subtle change or to achieve something more dramatic.

grey contacts for dark eyes
More grays for dark eyes: Acuvue Colors Pearl Grey, Dual Color Grey, Expressions Gray
  • Acuvue 2 Colors Pearl Gray – These Pearl Gray contacts from Acuvue 2 are an opaque lens which covers up most eyes with a naturally dark color. Even if your eyes are dark blue or brown you can trade up for the lighter, smoky tones of gray contacts. If you’d like a virtual demonstration, visit Acuvue iMakeover where you can upload a picture of yourself to get an idea of what you’d look like wearing gray contacts.
  • Dual Color Gray – Aloha Contacts offers cosmetic color without vision correction. While they’re described as “non-prescription lenses”, the term refers to the fact that the lenses are Plano, or have zero power. Unlike other lenses, Dual Color Gray contacts feature a pale tone around the pupil which makes your eyes appear brighter and more radiant.
  • Expressions Gray – Manufactured by Cooper Vision, Expressions Gray contacts offer a way to see the world through eyes reminiscent of wispy gray satin. The added benefit is that, as with being fitted for contacts manufactured by another company, a single prescription for gray contacts by Expressions also allows you to order contacts in any of their seven other colors as well.

Gray Circle Lenses

Circle Lenses are popular with fans of anime, Japanese style animation and cosplay (costume play). In fact, they were first made in Korea for fans who wore contact lenses, either for cosmetic purposes or to correct impaired vision.

Although circle lenses are about the same diameter of a standard color contact lens, the reason they look bigger is due to the dark outside ring that rims the outer edge of the eye. Contacts are available with rings of varying thickness which allows you to achieve a variety of special effects that you can wear on their own or with eye makeup to enhance the feature.

The only FDA approved circle lenses we’ve found (approved for sale in the U.S.), are made by Marietta Vision and are available from AC Lens.

gray circle lenses
Gray circle lenses from AC Lens: Circle Lens Grey, Baby Eyes, Gaga
  • Baby Eyes Gray – These gray contacts are true anime style, with gray highlights over a brown tint and a black center. A black edge around the outside of the eye defines the look and creates the illusion of large eyes associated with characters in the Japanese comics.
  • Circle Lens Gray – These costume lenses are gray contacts with golden brown flecks to mimic the depth and variation seen in a real eye. A black outer edge rounds out the effect.
  • Gaga Contacts – You’ll go gaga for these Lady Gaga-inspired gray contacts. A special effects lens, they’re the perfect enhancement for Halloween costumes, a night of clubbing, or other events where novelty accessories are appropriate. The thick, black outer edge defines your natural eye creating a truly dynamic look.

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Obtaining a Prescription for Gray Contacts

Under the Federal Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act, all Americans are required to obtain a prescription before buying colored contact lenses – even if the contacts are purely cosmetic and offer no vision correction.

If you’re from outside the United States, then you should still get a prescription because this is the only way to guarantee a proper fit. Wearing contact lenses that aren’t fit for your eyes could result in infection, a scratched cornea, or some other form of potentially permanent vision impairment.

Even if the supplier is not based in the United States and doesn’t require you to show proof of a prescription, it’s still your responsibility as a contact lens wearer to do the right thing and see an eye care professional before committing to a purchase.

Where to Buy Gray Contacts

There are lots of places to buy contacts online, but we recommend AC Lens for all the major brands, including FDA approved Circle Lense. You can easily find the lenses you’re looking for, and read reviews from customers on what they thought worked and what didn’t. Their customer service and best price policy are also great incentives. Head on over and to see for yourself.

Let Us Know What You Think!

Have you had success with gray contacts? Is there a reason you haven’t taken the plunge into trying out this color? Whether your eyes now exhibit subtle, smoky shades or you’re still eyeing the various shades of gray offered by the different brands of gray contacts we understand that everyone’s eyes and experiences are unique. That’s why we’d like to hear all about yours. We always respond so leave a comment.

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