Guide to Violet Contacts

guide to violet contact lenses

Violet is a romantic contact lens color that blends blue and gray shades, but also works  great for dark eyes. We were surprised to find over seven different shades of amethyst and violet contact lenses in a variety of brands. Try a pair and see for yourself!

Popular Violet Contacts

When we think of violet eyes, we think Elizabeth Taylor. In reality, her eyes were blue, but such a deep blue they always looked violet on screen. Violet is not a conventional contact lens color, but we think you’ll have fun trying these top shades.

violet contacts
Most popular: Freshlook Colorblends Amethyst, Triple Color Violet

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  • Freshlook Colorblends Amethyst: Comfortable, three color violet blend. Looks good on brown eyes. Not as intense as Freshlook Colors Violet (below)
  • Triple Color Violet: Three colors, with the lightest tone surrounding the center pupil hole. A dark outer ring accentuates the iris. Only available in Plano (0.00 power). Non-corrective. For this lens, see our Guide to Non-Prescription Contacts.

Violet Contacts for Dark and Light Eyes

We were surprised when we found so many violet and amethyst lenses. Some of these are fashion or cosmetic lenses (available in non-prescription only).

For violet lenses from the Halloween collection, see our Guide to Halloween Lenses.

violet contacts for dark eyes
For dark eyes: Freshlook Colors Violet, Dual Color Violet, Violet Out, Impressions Violet, Europa Violet
  • Freshlook Colors Violet: Unlike Colorblends Amethyst (shown above), this lens has only one color. Some people say this one gives a more intense “purple” look.
  • Dual Color Violet: Two colors plus a dark outer ring accentuates the iris. $10 less than Triple Color Violet (shown above). Only available in Plano (0.00 power). Non-corrective.
  • Violet Out: A Halloween special effects lens in solid purple. 3-6 month replacement
  • Impressions Violet: Has a dark outer ring and intense color.
  • Europa Violet: Features a ring of hazel around the pupil that blends into the opaque color

Tips for Choosing Violet Contacts

We’ve learned that folks with brown eyes had the best success using violet or amethyst colored contacts. What’s interesting is that people with blue eyes often looked “bluer” as opposed to more purple. Don’t know why.

If you want a vibrant, almost cartoon look for anime looks, then Triple Color Violet is your best bet. These lenses feature a dark outer ring which gives you an big eye appearance without actually being circle or oversized lenses.

Because everyone is different, the only way to know for sure is to try a pair. We recommend getting a prescription for Freshlook colorblends however, because at least you can use the same prescription to try all eleven shades, including Amethyst. That way, if purple doesn’t work for you, you can easily order a different shade.

How to Get a Prescription for Violet Colored Contacts

Like regular or clear contact lenses, a prescription is required for colored contacts in the United States under the Federal Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act. If you are from Canada or elsewhere, you may not be subject to the same consumer laws. However, we strongly suggest that you be fitted for color contacts by an eye care practitioner.

If a non-U.S. manufacturer or retailer does not require a prescription from you, you should still get an eye exam and be properly fitted for contact lenses. Even if you want colored lenses just for the cosmetic effect, a prescription is mandatory in the U.S.

Where to Buy Violet Contacts

There are lots of places to buy contacts online, but we recommend AC Lens for all the major brands. You can easily find the lenses you’re looking for, and read reviews from customers on what they thought worked and what didn’t. Their customer service and best price policy are also great incentives. Head on over and to see for yourself.

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  1. Lynne says

    The violet lenses you mentioned are nice, but what about toric violet lenses for those of us with astigmatism? Durasoft Optifit 3 Toric lenses were the only ones available here in the US, but they were discontinued. I got a pair from Korea, but they’re not the same definite color as the Durasofts; my eyes look bigger with a hint of purple, which is not quite what I want. My eyes are dark brown, and the Durasofts came up an intense rich purple. Help!!!

    • ColorGirl says

      Hi Lynn,
      Sorry for the slow reply! I’ve been a bit slow over Christmas. You aren’t the only one sad about the demise of Durasoft. So many people are missing this line of color contacts. The only brand name disposable toric colors that I’m aware of are Freshlook Toric, in four basic colors and NO violet. Grrrrrr. It’s great that you found some elsewhere and they are working for you.

  2. Lynne says

    BTW, I used a toric prescription for the circle lenses, and they did ask for the power,cylinder and axis measurements, so they are true toric lenses.

  3. Pook says

    Violet or amethyst lenses looks better on brown eyes because purple and brown are very similar colors. The colors are complimentary.

  4. Riana says

    Hello, I was just curious whether you know if either the freshlook colors violet or the freshlook colorblends amethyst are available in canada? I thought I heard they had been discontinued.

    • Peter says

      Hi Riana,

      AC Lens sells Freshlook Colorblends Amethyst colored contact lenses and they ship to Canada. I couldn’t find Freshlook violet lenses on their site, but they carry Orion Vision ColorMax Violet lenses.

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