Holiday Guide to Colored Contact Lenses

Dress up for holiday parties with colored contacts

Spice up your little black Christmas dress or New Years Eve mini with richly tinted colored contact lenses this season. Our holiday guide to colored contact lenses profiles the richest, most dramatic colors, lenses with bling and showstopping colors for light eyes.

For Dark Eyes

Brown Hair, & Medium to Dark Complexion

gemstone green contactsTry Freshlook Colorblends Green for a subtle transformation or Gemstone Green for richer color. Play them up with darker eye make-up, full lashes and barely there lips for a smoldering gaze.

Dark Hair, Dark Complexion

Gold Glitter and Sparkle Contact lensesAdd some bling to your eyes with these Gold Glitter contact lenses from ExtremeFX. Gold lenses- These fun lenses have subtle golden sparkles that add shimmer and depth to your eyes.  While not recommended for light eyes, these lenses need a dark background to really shine!

Freshlook Amethyst colored contacts for the holidaysAnother idea is to try violet, like Freshlook Colorblends Amethyst.  Add some high sparkle gloss to your lips to complete this polished look.


Dark Hair, Light complexion

non-prescription blue contacts

You’d look stunning in blue!  Try Triple Color  Blue contacts. These opaques are a bright shade of blue that will intensify your gaze. Remember, dark eyes are the hardest color to change and usually require an opaque lens to create any noticeable difference.  Lighten and enhance your eyes with smoky eye makeup to really get some attention.

For Light Eyes

Brown Hair, Light to Medium Complexion

popular gray contacts

Try an opaque grey lens such as Freshlook Colorblends Gray,  Triple Color Gray and Freshlook Colorblends Sterling Gray. Any one of these opaque grey lenses will work on dark eyes too and combines with a dark outer ring for eye definition.  For a dewy, serene makeup look, try lining the bottom ledge of your eye with white eyeliner.

Light Hair, Light to Medium Complexion

allure or equinox contact lenses

With this coloring, why not try something a little different?  Try Allure lenses from or Equinox from VisionDirect. These clear contact lenses feature a dark ring around the iris. The effect is a bigger brighter looking eye that is totally natural looking.  Use a shimmery white eye shadow and black liquid eyeliner with this lens to make your eyes pop.

Red Hair, Light to Medium Complexion

Focus SoftColors colorchart showing colored contacts for light eyes

If you have red or auburn hair, try any of the Focus Softcolors for light eyes. Shades of green, aqua and blue will look studding on you. Another brand of this style of enhancer lenses is Freshlook Dimensions. Use neutral eye shadows for sleek and sophisticated or shimmery light shadows for a glam look.