How to Choose the Right Contact Lens Color

freshlook colorblends blister pack

First off, there are really no rules for choosing the right color of contacts for you. It comes down to personal taste. Go with what makes you feel good! But if you’re new to colored contacts or thinking about giving them a try, where do you start? The top selling brand, Freshlook Colorblends alone has eleven different shades to choose from. Help!

So, rules aside, here are few tips for choosing colors, keeping in mind that what looks fabulous on one person, may look completely different on you. Your own natural eye color, hair color and skin tone play a huge role in how color contacts appear. You may find you have to try a few different shades and brands to find the color that suits you best.

Choose Based on Your Mood or Personality

Face it, sometimes you want to stand out in a crowd, sometimes not. That’s part of the allure of colored contacts; you can match colors to your mood or personality, changing things up day to day.

You’re an extrovert, the life of the party. You want to be seen, noticed and talked about.

For you, these lenses have all the bold color and drama you could wish for:

freshlook colorblends vibrant views
Brilliant Blue, Gemstone Green, Sterling Gray shown. Click for more colors.

Freshlook Colorblends has three colors that really pop: Brilliant Blue, Gemstone Green, and Sterling Gray. These colors are the most vibrant in the Colorblends line. Colorblends are two-week disposable contacts that come in a convenient blister pack. Don’t worry if you have very dark eyes. Colorblends are considered opaque lenses, meaning they mask your natural color.

Aquatic Allure shown. Click here for more colors.

Splash of Color two week disposable  and 3-month vial contacts from Splash Colors are replacing the Clearly Colors line). Super comfortable and super “wow”, they also feature a dark outer ring that accentuates the eye even more. Splash colored lenses come in seven colors and are suited to  dark and light eyes. These are very vivid so when you step out with these on, you’ll get noticed.

You are subtle and sophisticated. People notice something special, but they can’t put their finger on it.

For you, choose lenses that provide a natural looking color change. To be honest, most brands claim this anyway with their lenses but to know for sure if the look is natural enough for you is to try them.

We recommend these lenses for natural or blended color:

acuvue 2 colors warm honey contact lenses
Warm Honey shown. Click for more colors.

Acuvue 2 Colours brand features just one color in the lens, but the look is intended to be natural and perfect for day-to-day wear. Acuvue 2 Colours comes in two styles: Opaques designed for light or dark eyes, and Enhancers for light eyes only. If you have blue, gray or green eyes and just want to give your natural color a boost, then try the Enhancers.

freshlook colorblends green contacts
Colorblends Green shown. Click for more colors.

Freshlook brand has five different styles of colored lenses. The most popular is Freshlook Colorblends, which combines three colors to duplicate the color gradations that appear in the eye naturally. They are the world’s most popular disposable colored lens  brand, and one prescription gives you access to 11 different colors.

Freshlook Colors Opaques features one solid opaque color per lens. Freshlook Dimensions are color boosting lenses for light eyes only, making blue eyes bluer and green eyes greener. Freshlook Toric are the only disposable colors for people with astigmatism, and Freshlook ONE-DAY are the only disposable colored contacts. Phew!

Choose Based on your Natural Coloring

What if you want a color that suits your hair and skin tone? Here are some guidelines to help:

For Dark Brown Eyes, Brown Hair, & Medium to Dark Complexion

freshlook colorblends green contacts
Colorblends Green

Try Freshlook Colorblends Green for richer color. Play them up with darker eye make-up, full lashes and barely there lips for a smoldering gaze.

For Light Eyes, Brown Hair, Light to Medium Complexion

triple color gray contacts
Triple Color Gray shown.

Try an opaque gray lens such as Triple Color Gray. The opaque grey lens will work on dark eyes too and combines with a dark outer ring for eye definition. For makeup, try lining the bottom ledge of your eye with white eyeliner to give yourself a dewy serene look.

For Light Eyes, Light Hair, Light to Medium Complexion

allure contact lenses
Allure lenses are clear with a dark outer ring

With this coloring, why not try something a little different? Try Allure lenses – these clear contact lenses feature a dark ring around the iris. The effect is a bigger brighter looking eye that is totally natural looking. Use a shimmery white eye shadow and black liquid eyeliner with this lens to make your eyes pop.

For Light Eyes, Red Hair, Light to Medium Complexion

triple color blue contact lenses
Triple Color Blue

If you have red or auburn hair, try Triple Color Blue. The dark outline in these lenses defines the eye. More dramatic than other blue lenses.Add neutral shadows for sleek and sophisticated look or shimmery light shadows for a glam look.


For Dark Eyes, Dark Hair, Dark Complexion

Violet, a super cool color for dark eyes. Try Freshlook Colorblends Amethyst. Add some high sparkle gloss to your lips to complete this polished look.

Dark Eyes, Dark Hair, Light complexion

acuve blue sapphire colored contacts
Acuvue Sapphire Blue

You’d look stunning in blue! Try Acuvue 2 Sapphire Blue. These opaques are a bright shade of blue that will intensify your gaze. Lighten and enhance your eyes with smoky eye makeup to really get some attention.

Choose Based on Movies and Celebrity Looks

These contact lens looks are all about fun. People went crazy for the Twilight vampires, and when Avatar, X-Men, and Undeworld came along, everyone wanted these crazy looks too. Special effects contacts are affordable (starting at around $40 per lens) but they still require a prescription. Yes, we know they’re just for cosmetic purposes, but contact lenses (of any type) are medical devices. Don’t take chances. Get a prescription for the vampire lenses you love, and you’re all set.

Celebrities also set trends when it comes to contacts. Paris Hilton’s famous blue eyes, for example, are really brown. Here are some of the favorites for looking like your favorite movie character or celeb:

Gold Vampire Twilight contact lenses
Gold Vampire for the Twilight look
Contact lenses from the movie Underworld
Underworld lenses for the Kate Beckinsale look
triple color blue contact lenses
Triple Color Blue for the Paris Hilton look