Interview with a Zombie: Bring on the Pub Crawl, Colorado Style

Springs Zombie Pub Crawl

There’s something rotting in Colorado Springs.

Fortunately, we asked zombie experts Mitch Nielsen and Samantha Lawrence to tell us what all the blood’s about.

Tell us the history behind the Springs Zombie Pub Crawl? I mean, do you do this kind of thing often?

My girlfriend Sam and I went to college in Fargo, ND where they had the annual Fargo Zombie Pub Crawl. It was always a great time, with hundreds of people coming out to eat, drink and be undead. After school we moved to Colorado Springs. Since they didn’t have anything quite like a zombie pub crawl, we figured we better start one.

What attracts people to the zombie lifestyle?

Nobody can answer this better than the great Max Brooks himself. He believes, and I agree, that because of their versatility, we are able to project onto them whatever happens to be our greatest fear at the time. According to Max, “You can’t shoot the financial meltdown in the head — you can do that with a zombie.”

What qualities make a good zombie?

B.L.O.O.D. Gallons of the stuff. Face it, eating the flesh of the living is messy business.  Work on a good stagger, a blank/angry stare and a good moan/growl.  And again, don’t be stingy of the blood.

zombie pub crawl

How about some tips for dressing like a zombie (assuming you aren’t one to start with)

Things gets messy at the Zombie Pub Crawl-–REALLY messy. There’s a good chance that you’re going to get make up and blood all over you, and beer all over you, and other people’s sweat all over you.  If you show up in a really nice gorilla costume, it would be hilarious, but you’d be all worried about getting messy and you wouldn’t have as much fun. So wear something you can throw away. Buy some crappy clothes at a thrift store, rip ‘em up a little, add some blood and you’re good to go.

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zombie contact lenses

Is the apocalypse coming anytime soon?

Haven’t you heard? The zombie apocalypse is coming on August 6th. First  we take Colorado Springs, then the world.

Where can people go to find out about coming to the Springs Zombie Pub Crawl?

For more information on the Crawl, check out our Facebook page.

You must be 21 to enter any of the bars, but anyone can attend the crawl, wander the streets, or enjoy any of the restaurants in the area. The more zombies stumbling around, the better.

Thanks Mitch and Samantha!

Got any zombie stories, events, crawls, walks, or staggers you want to tell us about? Let us know!