Review: Acuvue 2 Colours Deep Blue

acuvue color contacts deep blue

Acuvue 2 Colours is a longstanding brand of colored contacts and the only color line by Acuvue. There are seven opaque colors for dark/light eyes and three translucent colors for light eyes.

Click here for the Acuve 2 Colors colorchart

blue contact lenses by acuvue

They were very easy to insert and I am delighted at how comfortable they are. This color is Deep Blue. Not as bright as Sapphire Blue, but it covers my brown eyes nicely. You can see some brown around the pupil hole but that is to be expected. I don’t consider that a negative.

Up close, you can see only one color in this lens, rather than a blend of colors.

acuvue color contacts deep blue

And here it is compared with the electric Aquatic Allure lens by Splash.

acuvue colored contacts compared with splash colored contacts

Splash lenses have a dark outer ring that works at highlighting the eye (click here for a review) I quite like this feature. However, unlike Splash Colors, Acuvue 2 Colors comes in a wide range of + and – prescription powers, including Plano (0.00).