Roundup of Blue Color Contacts for Summer

woman with blue eyes and contacts

Summer is all about sunshine, backyard barbeques, and hanging out with friends. But whether you’re beachside or poolside this summer, why not try or intensify your eye color with some ocean blue color contacts.

Blue Contacts for Dark Eyes

Blue contacts that can transform brown, hazel or black eyes are called opaque lenses. The colored pigment is solid and lets none of your natural color through.

Note: If you have light eyes, you can use these too!

Some blue opaques to try:

 triple color blue contacts Triple Color Blue from Aloha Contacts  These are non vision correcting lenses, meaning they don’t come in prescriptions. Features three shades of blue and  a dark outer ring that highlights the eye.
acuvue deep blue contacts
Acuvue 2 Colors Opaques Deep Blue  Acuvue is the world’s most popular and trusted brand of contact lenses. Acuvue 2 Colours features lenses with one solid color.
colorblends sapphire
Freshlook Colorblends Sapphire  Another well known and trusted brand. Features three colors of blue blended together. Also good to note that one prescriptiono Freshlook Colorblends gives you access to ELEVEN different shades!

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Blue Contacts for Light Eyes

To transform already blue eyes into a different blue/green shade you need translucent “enhancer” lenses. Enhancers let your natural eye color show through while adding a hint of aqua, turquoise, or cornflower.

Note: if you’re dark eyed and want blue, don’t waste your money on enhancer tints. Stick to opaques!

Blue enhancers to try:

aquamarine contacts Acuvue 2 Enhancers, Aquamarine  For light eyes only. Brightens and enhances the color of light eyes.Aquamarine shown.
focus color contacts Focus Softcolors, Royal Blue  Another pretty blue that works on light eyes

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Everyone wants colored contacts to look natural and fit comfortably. However, so much depends on your own unique eye shape, color. What fits great on one person may be look and feel completely different on you. Make sure you see your eye doctor and get a prescription (it’s the law in the U.S.), and take the time to be fitted properly for contact lenses. Then, be prepared to try a few brands AND a few different shades to get the blue that looks perfect on YOU!