Showcase of Six Halloween Contact Lenses (Video)

This video from UK online retailer EyesBright showcases a number of lenses. What really caught my eye, though, was the wild eyelashes! gotta get me some of those! The lenses featured in this video are:

White Out Halloween contact lenses

White Out: a top 3 Halloween lens available from Coastal Contacts


Twilight gold vampire contact lenses

Twilight: number one selling Halloween lens, available as Gold Vampire


Skull halloween contact lenses

Skull: really like this one, very cool but not available from a North American retailer as far as I’m aware


Spider Web halloween contact lenses Red Spider Web halloween contact lenses

Spider: available as Spider Web (black and white) and Spidey (red and black)


Red Angelic halloween contact lenses

Red Circle: available as Red Angelic


green ghoul halloween contact lenses zombie yellow contact lenses zombie green contact lenses zombie red contact lenses

Zombie Grey: Green Ghoul is close to this one. Zombie lenses also come in Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red

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Halloween contact lenses