Tell Us About Your Brown Contacts

At first you may not think brown is a great color for contacts. Think again. Even people with naturally brown eyes consider brown color contacts because of the wide range of mocha and coffee color shades. If you want a natural shift from your everyday color, try lightening things up a bit with brown.

The most popular brown contacts on ColorMeContacts right now are:


Freshlook Colorblends, Brown

Triple Color Brown Contact Lenses

Clearly Colors, Brown Bombshell

What do you think about brown? Leave a comment and tell us.


  1. Jamie says

    I am looking for the right brown for my eyes. It seems that most color contact ads are aimed at making brown eyes light, and I’m trying to make my light eyes brown! I don’t want teal, purple, or some unnatural ‘it’s-ridiculously-obvious-you’re-wearing-contacts’ color, I just want to change it up a bit. I have always loved dark brown eyes (don’t tell my husband, his are clear blue!) and I have been looking for the right set to make my blue/grey/green eyes appear a deep shade of brown. I figured it would be easy, but I can’t tell what color the model’s eyes are to begin with and that can make a huge difference.
    If anyone can point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated!