Tell Us About Your Crazy Halloween Contacts

Everyone loves the looks you get with crazy Halloween contacts. The movies have really made these types of contacts popular and now there are literally dozens of styles.

Favorites shift a little from year to year–like when the movie Avatar came along, and Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter–but there are a few standbys that will never go out of style.

You’ll never go wrong with a vampire lens, like Red Vampire or White Out, or with a wild blue lens like Blue Angelic.

We’ve noticed that the Twilight movies had a huge impact on crazy lenses, and everyone still wants to have the amber eyes of the Twilight vampires. The favorite lens for that look is Gold Vampire.

Twilight vampire contact lenses
Gold Vampire

We want to know what you’re looking for in a Halloween lens…are you looking ahead to Halloween or do you wear special effects lenses the whole year through!

Tell us what you think!