Zombie Red Contacts Review

This video review is by us (ColorMeContacts.com)! It features Zombie Red contact lenses. As you can see, the effect is perfect for vampire or zombie looks. The lens is a solid block color, and we are told (by CoastalContacts.com) this lens is very similar to Vampire Red–so close you probably couldn’t tell the difference in fact. That said, we are working on a video review of all the red Halloween contacts so you can compare. The lens is reasonably priced at under $28/vial, which is less than last year’s price. Add to that a $10 off coupon from now until Halloween, and you can get these lenses for $46 including free shipping!

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Here’s the coupon info:

From now until Halloween, get $10 off per pair of Halloween contact lenses plus free shipping from Coastal Contacts. Buy Now using Coupon Code COASTAL31

zombie red contact lenses for Halloween

video of zombie red contact lenses