Guide to Freshlook Colorblends

guide to freshlook colorblends contacts

If you’re thinking about trying a new eye color, then look no farther than Freshlook Colorblends. Manufactured by Alcon (formerly Ciba Vision), Freshlook Colorblends are disposable contacts that offer a full spectrum of color contact lenses at an affordable price. Unlike other inexpensive contacts, these retain the stylish appearance and comfortable fit associated with some of more exclusive brands on the market.

colorblends lenses use three in one technology
Freshlook Colorblends use three layers of color.

The three-in-one color technology that Freshlook Colorblends uses a starburst inner pattern over a primary color with a charcoal outer ring. This tripe layer of color achieves a sense of realism that’s almost indistinguishable from an actual eye. You can use Freshlook Colorblends to either enhance your eye color or change it completely. However, the overall effect will be as unique as you are and will depend on things like your natural eye color and skin tone.

Choosing Different Colors for Different Occasions

Why go around with the same eye color all the time? Freshlook ColorBlends make it easy to achieve different looks for different occasions in the short time it takes to insert color contact lenses.

freshlook colorblends contact lenses
Freshlook Colorblends has 12 colors to choose from

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Here’s the Skinny on the Colors

  • Gemstone Green and Turquoise color contacts help your eyes stand out, but the effect can be downplayed or embellished with the proper cosmetics like eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara. Depending on your hair color and natural skin tone, your options are virtually without limit! Pinks, blues, browns, or any other shade of cosmetics, as long as you go darker or lighter on the tone your eyes are sure to sparkle.
  • Hazel and Brown color contacts work as well in the boardroom during the day as they do on the dance floor at night for grabbing attention. Use earth toned cosmetics that harken to Tuscan vineyards to create an alluring backdrop for your new eye color. Everything from smoky lavender and subtle sage to royal violet and forest green will help you achieve the desired effect.
  • Honey color contacts provide a way for you to tone down your natural eye color for a subtle, daytime look reminiscent of Twilight’s immortal playboy, Edward. Pair your clothes with tasteful jewelry and cosmetics that create an overall look to turn heads whether you stop off for a morning latte or running late afternoon errands. As with brown, colors that go best with honey-hued color contacts are anything in the purple family.
  • Blue, Brilliant Blue, and Sapphire color contacts are a sure bet for holding someone’s attention while in conversation or just catching their eye from across a crowded room. But the wrong cosmetics could drown out the tone of blue in your color contacts. Try using bronze and brown tones and wearing a hairstyle that keeps your hair away from your face.
  • Gray, Sterling Gray, and Amethyst color contacts, with the wrong cosmetics, can get lost against your natural skin tone. Eye lining pencils in pale tones like white or pink just inside the corner of the eyes can make these subtle toned color contacts appear brighter. Try pale colors during the day and vibrant, glittery colors at night to enhance the starburst layer of color in the lens.

If you’re not sure which color to try first, check out the Freshlook Colorblends website. Along with demonstrations that show how color contacts appear on a model’s eyes, there is a feature that allows you to upload your personal photo so you get an idea of how the colors will look on your own eyes. Try the feature before visiting your optometrist or ophthalmologist because your prescription – even for cosmetic color contacts that have no effect on vision – will be written for the brand of contacts you plan to purchase.

Finding the Perfect Contact Lens for Every Color Eye

Freshlook Colorblends works for any eye color, dark or light. However, you still have other options. For those with light eyes who just want to enhance their natural eye color can also look at Freshlook Dimensions. Their outer starburst pattern is a great way to achieve a subtle change for those who don’t want to change their eye color completely.

Besides Colorblends, Freshlook brand has these other lines that might work for you:

  • Freshlook Dimensions: blue aqua and green shades for light eyes only.
  • Freshlook Colors: four shades of solid color (no 3-color blending)
  • Freshlook Toric: the ONLY disposable colored lenses for people with astigmatism
  • Freshlook ONE DAY SoftColors: the ONLY daily disposable colored lenses (wear once and throw away)

It can be tempting when you see how great color contacts look on a friend to want to try the color for yourself. However, sharing contacts is just asking for a trip to your local eye doctor. Eye abrasions, allergic reactions, and eye infections are the top three problems that arise from sharing contact lenses. And besides, unless the person is your identical twin and has the same skin tone and natural eye color that you were born with, the same color contacts can have two different effects on two different individuals.

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Caring for Your Color Contact Lenses

inserting contact lenses
Follow your eye doctor’s instructions for contact lens care

It’s important to take responsibility for caring for your contacts, not only to extend the life of your contacts but also because your vision could depend on it. Whether you choose Daily Wear lenses that are good for 14 days of use or One-Day daily disposable lenses, you’ll want to use a saline or other disinfecting solution to prevent infection.

Because Freshlook Colorblends contact lenses are only created for daily wear, it’s imperative that you remove them before going to sleep each night. There’s nothing like the sensation of waking up feeling like someone glued your contact lenses directly to your eyeball. It’s terrible, but worse than the uncomfortable feeling is the fact that your cornea could become scratched, infected, or ulcerated. Take your contacts out at the end of the evening to give your eyes a chance to rest and to prevent bacteria from building up.

The purchase of a Freshlook Colorblends, or any other brand of contact lens, requires a prescription, even if they’re for cosmetic purposes because contact lenses are considered a medical device. Even if you live outside the United States, it’s wise to seek medical advice for a proper fit. Wearing improperly sized contacts could cause some of the same problems you’d receive from sharing contacts as well as a scratched cornea. A doctor can also help you decide whether or not disposable contacts are the right choice.

The Pros and Cons of Freshlook Colorblends

Overall people who’ve tried Freshlook Colorblends are pleased with the results. They find them comfortable, affordable, and natural looking. These consumers report that they’re happy with the tinted lenses and that they’re happy with the broad range of colors available. Here, at, we can vouch for that as well. We found them comfortable and the range of colors awesome.

Because not all colors look good on all eyes, other reviewers complained about the way the contacts looked once put into place. Some report blurred vision or a halo around objects, while others reported an itchy, burning sensation after wearing the contacts for just a few hours. As with any kind of medical device, symptoms that occur related to wearing contact lenses should be reported to your eye doctor as soon as possible.

Psssst…Here’s the Best Part

The best part about having ONE prescription for Freshlook Colorblends, is that it allows you to choose from 12 great colors!

How Affordable are Freshlook Contacts?

Freshlook Colorblends are on the more expensive side of colored disposables, presumably because of their popularity, wide choice of colors, and trusted brand name (CibaVision, the brand most associated with Freshlook, merged with Alcon in 2011).

But as you’ll see, there’s always a deal to be found when it comes to color contacts. This table compares the regular prices with a few other brands

Freshlook Colorblends $34/box
Acuvue 2 Colour Opaques $30/box
Splash of Color 2 $23/box
Focus Monthly SoftColors $45/box

Where to Get the Best Price

You can always find a deal on Freshlook Colorblends and we recommend AC Lens (

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